Construction Noise Testing

Construction Noise Testing

Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, CA provides construction noise testing and monitoring for all needs. Many people don’t realize that noise is considered pollution. It invades our safe and comfortable environment causing headaches, anxiety, stress, distractions and can also cause damage to our hearing. There are legal limits for noise producers including construction sites, but how are you to know if a contractor near you is exceeding the acceptable noise limits?

Noise Is Pollution Too

Often contractors are required to monitor their own noise or hire a company to monitor their noise, but that’s a bit like having the fox guard the hen house, isn’t it? Some may be protecting their own interests and will report averages rather than peaks or will only test when they know their operations are not producing excessive noise. If your home or business is near the construction, this can be detrimental to your environment, health, and peace.

Hearing Through The Static

You may have been told the noise does not exceed the legal decibel levels or that construction sites are not required to adhere to the noise limits during construction or at certain times. To be sure, call Benchmark Environmental Engineering and let our experts determine what the California state law says about construction noise in addition to determining if there are any local ordinance laws with noise limits.

We can come out and perform a noise test to determine if they are indeed in compliance, or not. If the problem continues, we can set up a noise monitoring system. Having a scientific report showing recorded data will make your message clear. Your home is your haven and you expect the noise producers in the area to follow the legal limits set. There’s no reason for you, your children or pets to have to suffer from noise pollution.

Places We Can Test:

  • Road Construction Sites
  • Home & Residential
  • Commercial & Business
  • Quarries

A Safe Workplace

As a construction professional, you may also feel the noise on the site you work at exceeds the acceptable limits. Or that the company you work with will not provide the proper level of hearing protection for you. Many construction workers suffer lifelong hearing damage due to not having the proper protection on the job. We can help you determine if the noise on your site is exceeding proper limits. Let us help protect your health and your future.

The Protection You Need

Often, your ability to produce the data will be impressive enough to cause the contractor to reduce the noise of their operations. If it doesn’t however, and they continue to violate the law, you need the information to arm yourself in case you have to pursue a lawsuit. Since most construction sites require their own monitoring, without having your own data, your chances of winning a lawsuit are slim. Armed with a professionally prepared report collected by experienced noise monitoring experts will put you in a preferable position.

Just Call, We’ll Hear You

Call Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, CA today to discuss your construction noise testing issues. We have the expertise, equipment, and experience necessary for all of your noise testing or monitoring needs.