Noise & Sound Pollution

Noise Pollution

If you are interested in testing noise and sound pollution levels, San Jose-based Benchmark Environmental Engineering provides thorough testing and remediation plans for property owners. Our industrial hygienists and engineers provide full-service environmental inspections, consulting and training. We perform environmental property inspections, carefully analyzing noise levels to provide our clients with a plan of action to remedy any sound pollution issues that are present.

What Is Noise & Sound Pollution?

Our living and working environments are saturated with sound, and the levels are intensified in areas where industrial and urban noises are common. Sound generated by construction, industrial practices, traffic, nightclubs and bars, reaches “pollution” status when it is unwanted and becomes harmful. Excessive noise is detrimental to the physical and mental well-being of those exposed to it on a regular basis. Many people suffer from disrupted sleep and experience a decreased quality of living along with increased stress levels due to excessive noise and sound. These can lead to serious health concerns that underscore the importance of addressing excessive sound.

Why Is This Important To Property Owners?

Substantial portions of a day spent subjected to noise pollution can dramatically impact physical and mental well-being. As a property owner or property manager, it is important to understand the impact of your occupants’ surroundings. Stress and insomnia can cause long-term health problems, and employees faced with constant exposure to loud noises can suffer from hearing loss and decreased productivity. When levels exceed safe limits (50 decibels or more), occupants’ risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack may increase. Having your property inspected for noise pollution by Benchmark Environmental Engineering will help you to protect the health and safety of your tenants and staff.

How Is Noise & Sound Pollution Tested?

With the use of highly sensitive equipment, Benchmark Environmental Engineering’s industrial hygienists can measure the output of sounds not easily registered by our ears. Our sound sensors record the levels emitted by various sources and pinpoint the worst offenders in order to classify each source based on its level of impact. Our environmental engineers translate the results into actionable analytics and provide a remediation plan to reduce or eliminate pollution levels. Some of the noise pollution services we offer include:

Schedule Your Noise Pollution Consultation

To order noise and sound pollution testing in the San Jose or San Francisco Bay Area – call Benchmark Environmental Engineering today. We are California’s leading environmental consulting firm, and our satisfied clients include residential owners, national property management companies, California municipalities, and federal agencies. Our comprehensive sound pollution testing and noise reduction plans will help you to restore peace to your property.