Workplace Noise Testing

Workplace Noise

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering of San Jose, we perform workplace noise testing services to protect you and your workers. We want to help you provide a safe, healthy environment for your employees. If you work in a noisy environment and feel that it is a danger to your health, we can help by performing a noise assessment test. Uncovering the problem is the beginning of making things better for everyone.

Signs Of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Workers exposed to repeated or prolonged levels of noise at high decibels can lose their hearing. If you can’t hear you can become a danger to yourself and those working around you. Hearing loss also affects your quality of life. Some signs that you are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss due to loud noise exposure include:

  • Ear Pain On The Job
  • Having To Yell Or Shout To Be Heard
  • Can’t Hear Your Coworkers
  • Ringing Or Humming Ears After Work
  • Muffled Hearing After Work

Who Benefits From Noise Sampling

Many industries and professions put you at higher risk for noise-induced hearing loss. These types of businesses often require loud equipment or environments where medium range sounds are heard for long periods at a time. You may benefit from workplace noise testing if you manage or work in any of the following types of jobs:

  • Power Tool Operators
  • Construction Vehicle Operators
  • Factory Machinery Workers
  • Car Mechanics
  • Farm Tractor Drivers
  • Semi Truck Drivers
  • Airport Ground Crews
  • Firefighters, Police Or Military Officers
  • Musicians Or Concert Crews

Noise, An Avoidable Occupational Hazard

Once our hearing is lost, we cannot get it back. Fortunately, noise-induced hearing loss is completely preventable. The first step to preventing or decreasing damage to you or your employees is workplace noise testing. Discovering whether there’s a problem and places where it’s most severe will help you determine the most effective solutions for protection.

Once our industrial noise testing service uncovers the exact sources that need help, you or your employer can put cost-effective measures into place. These range from earplugs and earmuffs OSHA rated at and above 89 decibels to engineering controls like barriers, buffers, or shields. You can also purchase quieter equipment, provide quite break areas, or strategically arrange shift rotations in noisy areas. Testing helps you customize your approach.

Get Tested, Get Protected

Whether you work with or around excessive noise, workplace noise testing can protect your hearing and your health. If you manage a high noise work area, we can help you determine whether or not you’re are meeting OSHA dB regulations for safe workplace hearing levels. At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we are here to help. Contact us in San Jose today to schedule a noise assessment at your factory, warehouse, or job site. We look forward to helping you get answers and find solutions.