Financial Companies

Financial Companiies

Benchmark Environmental Engineering, based in San Jose and serving the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego areas, provides financial companies with a multi-level approach to determining risk assessment and meeting due-diligence requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the FDIC and various federal, state, and local governments.

We Cater To Your Needs

Depending on the type of financial institution and transaction as set forth in the EPA’s Lender Liability Rule, Benchmark can provide anywhere from a full environmental site assessment to a limited “desktop” environmental report. Benchmark performs Environmental Site Assessments to ASTM Standards of Practice for Environmental Site Assessment, ASTM E1527-05 and 20CFR part 312 Standards and Practices for All Appropriate Inquiries; Final Rule. This would typically include a review and report on the following:

  • Site Ownership and Location
  • Site Description
  • Land Uses
  • Facility Information
  • Geological Features
  • Historical Uses and Records Review
  • Site Vicinity Assessment
  • Applicable Interviews with Current Owners and Occupants and Local Government Officials
  • Site Reconnaissance

Types Of Financial Institutions We Work With

Benchmark works with financial institutions such as banks and commercial lending and credit companies (which extend credit to a second party,) and investment bankers and portfolio managers (which take partial or total ownership of the second party). The level of risk assessment required depends on the scope of the company and the type of property involved.

Why Choose Benchmark Environmental Engineering?

  • Since environmental factors now influence financial performance, Benchmark can assist financial companies in obtaining and using accurate and reliable information to support their environmental risk management programs, enhance their banking, credit and investment practices and manage their portfolios.
  • Benchmark’s assessments can help reduce the potential environmental risk up-front prior to commercial lending and credit extension and prevent later devaluation of the collateral and inability of the debtor to repay the loan due to fines, site cleanup, personal injuries, property damages and possible resulting bankruptcy.
  • A Benchmark Environmental Site Assessment would be invaluable for determining investment risks such as devaluation of the companies in which investment banks or their clients own equity or even direct environmental liability if the bank is an owner or principal of the property.
  • By evaluating the potential adverse effects of environmental contamination on the value of real property and associated potential environmental liability, Benchmark can assist banks in following FDIC due-diligence guidelines and recommendations in loan origination, even though they may be excluded from CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act, also known as Superfund) requirements.
  • Benchmark can also assist with environmental contamination assessments for properties already owned by a financial institution, whether by investment or foreclosure, to prepare them for site cleanup and subsequent sale.

Trust A Leader In Environmental Services

Benchmark Environmental Engineering has been a leader in the environmental industry for over 20 years and can greatly assist and support your financial company in implementing your environmental lending practices.