Building Materials Environmental Impact

Are you still using “red list” building materials? Many people are unaware of the possible harmful nature of certain building materials and their environmental impact. At Benchmark Environmental Engineering of San Jose, CA, we can help you test for and avoid these components.

Building Materials On The Red List

Many common chemicals and components are flagged as toxic to living creatures or the environment on the construction materials red list. Some have been banned, like lead paint, but can still be found in older buildings and cause problems during remodels.

Avoiding Risky Or Harmful Building Components

Other materials are not banned outright but are still associated with human health risks and pollution. So, it’s often advisable to avoid them or phase them out of your projects as soon as possible. Some examples of these potentially hazardous building materials include:

  • Halogenated Flame Retardants
  • Lead Paint
  • Asbestos
  • VOCs
  • Silica
  • PCBs

The High Cost Of Saving Money

While it may be tempting for builders to still use these construction materials in order to save money, the long term costs can be high. No one wants to have to replace supplies quickly after a ban or knowingly increase health risks for people.

Protect Yourself With Environmental Testing

When planning a remodel, build-out or upgrade, you can avoid potential dangers by testing for these contaminants first. Lead paint is dangerous when it flakes off, for example. Asbestos can be safely removed before workers potentially inhale it.

Avoid Work Site Contamination

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we can perform air quality testing for VOCs. We can also test materials like flooring for asbestos and other chemical toxins before they are ripped up and contamination spreads all over your construction site.

Safely Uncover Unseen Dangers

By testing for harmful contaminants before remodeling, it’s possible to avoid unseen environmental dangers and health problems. Most of these products are known carcinogens, collect in the biosphere at toxic levels for people, or cause environmental pollution when they are made, used, or disposed of.

Professional testing of building material safety by certified and licensed professionals helps protect people from these invisible and possibly toxic components. These services can keep your family, tenants, or employees safe.

Considering green building? Another benefit of testing is to find out if your contractor is using approved materials, or cutting corners to save money at the expense of your health.

Schedule Building Material Testing in San Jose

Contact Benchmark Environmental Engineering today to set up testing before you remodel or upgrade your current space. Our experience and commitment to safety are unparalleled. Let us help you avoid the environmental dangers and health costs of exposure to harmful building materials.

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