Benchmark Environmental Engineering develops strong working partnerships with attorneys to build solid, empirically sound foundations for legal cases in San Jose and throughout California. We use state-of-the-art equipment, and our findings are established using industry standards and methodologies, so you can be certain our data will withstand the rigors of the legal process.

Who We Work With?

Attorneys have their area of expertise, and we have ours. Together, we build an alliance that covers the full spectrum of complexities unique to environmental engineering. When you are equipped with the correct, properly attained information, you can confidently build a strong legal case. Our expertise in the environmental engineering field and our experience working with differing legal needs makes us a highly respected resource in the industry.

What We Do?

Not every legal matter requires the same type of data. For this reason, Benchmark Environmental Engineering has several areas of competency:

  • Environmental inspections, consulting and training to the private, public and governmental markets.
  • Consulting services and expert witness testimony in court cases involving mold, lead, and asbestos litigation.
  • On-site testing for environmental hazards and documentation regarding safety issues.
  • Remediation plans for attorneys and their clients in cases where an environmental hazard is detected.

Why Work With Us?

Not only do we understand the theoretical aspect of all the above-mentioned services, we also understand their real-world application because of our extensive experience working with both the public and private sectors in these areas. We work with federal, state and local government agencies on a daily basis and have intimate knowledge of environmental laws, allowing us to deliver the most comprehensive and relevant information specific to your concerns. Benchmark Environmental Engineering has also been involved in government task forces that were instrumental in setting environmental legislation. We are successful detecting issues and developing remediation plans for rare environmental cases that other California industrial hygienists were unable to diagnose.

Secure Our Expert Services Today

If you’d like to discuss the ways we can help support your legal needs and provide thorough environmental-specific documentation, call Benchmark Environmental Engineering today.

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