Virus & Bacteria Testing

Whether you need to test your sewage, work surfaces, or test a sample to see if e. Coli is present, Benchmark Environmental Engineering offers a wide range of bacteria and virus testing.

Benchmark Environmental Engineering can perform post-cleaning COVID-19 surface testing for your business or other commercial property in the San Jose, California, area. Information frequently changes as scientists learn more about the coronavirus — so much so that it can be tough for the average business owner to stay on top of it all. Our environmental […]

Benchmark Environmental Engineering provides bacteria testing to homeowners, commercial property owners, and government agencies in the San Jose, California. If you own a restaurant, a commercial business, or you suspect bacteria is present in your home, we can help. Our industrial hygienists take a comprehensive approach to bacteria testing and can provide you with a […]

If you are suspecting possible sewage contamination in your soil or ground water, contact the professionals at Benchmark Environmental Engineering for sewage testing in San Jose. Whether there is an issue at your home, office, or investment property, you can expect our experienced staff to quickly and thoroughly sample and test for possible fecal pollution. […]

Prevent water-borne illness with E. coli bacteria testing from Benchmark Environmental Engineering, located in San Jose, California. Water is necessary for life, but when it runs the risk of contamination it can quickly become a health hazard. Don’t leave your water quality to chance. Enlist the professional environmental consultant services of Benchmark and use your […]

Anyone in San Jose that needs to test water for Coliform bacteria; Benchmark Environmental Engineering is the environmental consulting company you should contact. Coliform bacteria are a part of the natural microbiology found in the intestinal tract of animals. Coliform bacteria have been selected as the number one indicator of the existence of bacteria that […]

If you are concerned about germs and pathogens in your home or workplace, Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, CA offers commercial and residential testing for bacteria and microorganisms in both water, and soil. We offer professional consulting services including inspection, testing, post-remedial testing, reporting and clearance. Pathogens & Bacteria Although most bacteria are harmless, […]