Water Testing

Benchmark Environmental Engineering provides a wide variety of water testing services. We can test everything from drinking and well water to contamination after storms and floods. Contact us today to find out which water testing services are recommended for you.

Benchmark Environmental Engineering provides water quality testing for homes, commercial buildings, and government facilities in San Jose and the Bay Area. We inspect private wells and public water supplies, testing for harmful chemicals and bacteria. If there is any doubt about what’s in your water supply, ensure the health and safety of your family, friends, […]

For water damage inspections in San Jose, contact Benchmark Environmental Engineers. Environmental testing after you’ve experienced water damage is essential to your health and well being. We understand the importance of prompt testing after a flood, heavy storm, or water leak. Water and flood damage can happen any time of year, and once moisture has […]

At Benchmark Environmental, we perform stormwater testing in San Jose and throughout the state of California. As a property manager or homeowner, it’s important to test possibly contaminated runoff, entering and exiting your land, drinking water, or garden after a storm or flood. We are one of the leading hazardous and toxic contaminate testing specialists […]

Protect the health of your family, your employees, or your tenants with ground water testing by Benchmark Environmental in San Jose. Because your environment can have big impacts on your health, we want you to know how important it is to have ground water testing performed. We can test your well or ground water quickly […]

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, CA, we are your source for thorough, reliable wastewater testing and analysis. We provide specialized testing for both business and residential customers throughout California. Whether you are a municipal customer worried about river, lake, or stream pollution, or a private resident with questions about groundwater quality, we can […]