Environmental Services

Benchmark Environmental Engineering offers environmental testing services including mold testing, asbestos testing, and lead testing, as well as hazardous waste, pesticide, and sewage testing.

Filling a water sample container from an indoor faucet

Arsenic Testing

Benchmark Environmental Engineering is a company you can trust for all your arsenic testing needs in the San Jose, California

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Close up of various test tubes

Carcinogen Testing

Protect your home and workplace with carcinogen testing through the experienced team at Benchmark Environmental Consulting in San Jose, California.

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A gloved hand and water sample collection

Chromium Testing

For professional chromium testing in the San Jose and San Francisco areas, count on Benchmark Environmental Engineering. Our knowledgeable staff

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Image of radon testing equipment

Radon Testing

Benchmark Environmental Engineering offers radon testing to the San Jose and San Francisco areas. According to the United States Surgeon

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Bacteria as seen under a microscope

Bacteria Testing

Benchmark Environmental Engineering provides bacteria testing to homeowners, commercial property owners, and government agencies in the San Jose, California. If

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Close up on droplet of water being used for e. coli testing

E. Coli Testing

Prevent water-borne illness with E. coli testing from Benchmark Environmental Engineering, located in San Jose, California. Water is necessary for

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Image of lab testing equipment

Coliform Testing

For anyone in San Jose that needs Coliform testing, Benchmark Environmental Engineering is the environmental consulting company you should contact.

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Image showing contaminated sewer runoff

Sewage Testing

Contact the professionals at Benchmark Environmental Engineering for sewage testing in San Jose if you are suspecting possible sewage contamination

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Close up image of old peeling paint

Paint Testing

Protect yourself and others in your space with paint testing in the San Jose and San Fransisco areas by Benchmark

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Image of an apartment floor

Flooring Testing

If you’re concerned about dangerous chemicals or carcinogens, schedule flooring testing by Benchmark Environmental in San Jose. We provide flooring

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Implements from an illegal meth lab

Meth Lab Testing

Benchmark Environmental Engineering performs meth lab testing for suspected and known contaminated properties in the San Jose area. We work

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Close up image of moldy surface in a bathroom

Mold Testing

For residential and commercial mold testing services in San Jose, choose Benchmark Environmental. We help uncover mold and fungus issues

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Fungus growing on a white interior wall

Fungus Testing

For professional fungus testing in the San Jose, CA area, look no further than Benchmark Environmental. Over the past 20

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Close up image of white mold

White Mold Testing

Get both your home or work environment and your health under control with white mold testing by Benchmark Environmental Engineering

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A gloved hand near a wall with cladosporium mold on it

Cladosporium Testing

Benchmark Environmental Engineering is the leader in the San Jose, CA area for Cladosporium testing. Mold is especially common in places

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Water from a kitchen faucet

Water Quality Testing

Benchmark Environmental Engineering provides water quality testing for homes, commercial buildings, and government facilities in San Jose and the Bay

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Image of a flooded home

Water Damage Inspection

For water damage inspections in San Jose, contact Benchmark Environmental Engineers. Environmental testing after you’ve experienced water damage is essential

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A puddle and street drain

Stormwater Testing

At Benchmark Environmental, we perform stormwater testing in San Jose and throughout the state of California. As a property manager

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Image of tests being performed on soil sample

Soil Testing

At Benchmark Environmental, we provide soil testing and inspection services to commercial property owners, property management companies, government agencies, lending

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