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When companies seek to have sustainable processes, it can be confusing which regulatory laws apply to them. An environmental consultant helps to demystify local, state, and federal regulations. Benchmark Environmental Engineering can evaluate and provide advisory services, so your business can avoid penalties and create safe establishments. What Does An Environmental Consultant Do? Environmental consultants focus on […]

It can seem annoying to have to check another box on the road to property development. The potential downsides of skipping or fudging your due diligence are much bigger than any perceived time or financial savings. Which businesses need environmental consulting? How can it benefit your projects? Those are good questions and ones you’re not […]

If your business has been flooded in a natural disaster, there are several steps you need to take immediately. Start with these eight tips to assist you after your business has experienced flooding and water damage. Turn off electricity and water sources. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Reach out to your insurance. Find a trusted cleanup company. […]

It’s crucial to identify and eliminate any potential environmental risks during construction projects. This includes everything from air quality issues to hazardous material exposure. The EPA has identified a lengthy list of substances that can lead to contamination and exposure during building renovations. Here are six hazards to be aware of and include in your Operations […]

You may have heard of industrial hygiene, especially when it comes to worker safety and OSHA compliance, but what is it, and how can it benefit you? At Benchmark Environmental, we offer a wide range of environmental testing and safety training services. We also specialize in industrial safety and want to help you understand all […]

It’s easy to think that if you can’t see it, you can’t smell it, and you can’t taste it, there isn’t a chemical contamination issue in your home, school, or place of business. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. If you are concerned about whether you and your loved ones are exposed to lead and […]

If you are concerned about the presence of heavy metals in your San Jose building or construction site, Benchmark Environmental Engineering can help. Environmental testing is crucial for property managers, construction companies, commercial property owners, real estate professionals, and government agencies. What Are Heavy Metals? Heavy metals are chemical elements with high atomic weights. They […]

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we’re aware of the potential dangers to our California homes and businesses when there are floods in our neighborhoods. Our team serves California with inspections, testing, and water quality analyses from our three locations in San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Flood Waters Contain Harmful Debris Floodwater Can Damage Plumbing Potentially Hazardous Runoff […]

Nearly everyone knows that asbestos is hazardous, but some businesses operate in old buildings where it simply isn’t possible to completely avoid any exposure whatsoever. If you’re concerned about employees’ exposure to asbestos, Benchmark Environmental Engineering can help you set up a safety plan. By establishing a comprehensive program with strict benchmarks, you can ensure […]

Lead inspections and risk assessments are important services that homeowners and business owners should consider, to protect family, customers, and employees from poisoning. However, you may not be aware of some key differences between these two services. Benchmark Environmental Engineering is an experienced provider of lead inspections and risk assessments in the San Jose, CA […]

You never know what kinds of environmental hazards may be lurking in your home or office. If you’re unsure whether toxic substances are posing a threat to your family or employees’ health, Benchmark Environmental Testing offers comprehensive air, water, and soil testing in San Jose, CA. Common Environmental Hazards Outdated Building Materials Mold, Bacteria, and Viruses Air […]

After the recent multiple wildfires in California, many home and business owners are concerned that the soil on their property may have become contaminated with toxic substances. Smoke and heat from wildfires can affect the soil of the surrounding areas. One of the possible contaminants that can show up after a fire is creosote. What […]

Could asbestos be lurking in your attic or behind the walls of your home? You can’t determine if something contains asbestos by visual inspection alone. Aside from that, the fibrous, heat-resistant mineral has no odor, and only professional testing can provide the answers you need to keep your family safe. How Asbestos Can Damage Your Health The EPA […]

Do your New Year’s Resolutions include getting your home tested for radon? January is National Radon Action Month. It’s time to take action to reduce the dangers of this invisible health danger. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that we all need to be more aware of radon and the value of testing for it. […]

Anyone can be harmed by lead exposure, but this heavy metal is particularly toxic for pregnant women, babies, and children under the age of six. Lead poisoning is the number one cause of environmental illness in California children, but it is also preventable. Our team at Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, CA, would like […]

Most people think of dramatic cases of conflict and neglect when they read about a business failing to meet OSHA compliance. Yet, a common cause behind these violations is a natural pollutant contaminating the workplace. How significant a safety hazard a single contaminant poses depends on many factors. Something’s Wrong With The Water Leaks That […]

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we want to help you avoid costly problems by offering our San Jose, CA area homeowners these handy tips for preventing mold in your home. Mold can cause a lot of structural damage and aggravate a whole host of health problems. When it comes to household mold, prevention is the best […]

If you’re hoping to make your California home or office a safer place, consider hiring a certified radon tester for Radon Action Week. Originally designed to raise awareness about a common public health hazard, Radon Action Week takes place annually during the third week of October. At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we offer professional radon testing and environmental consulting […]

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we want you to be aware of the importance of professional lead testing in homes, schools, and businesses, especially in light of recent lead testing recalls. Lead is a toxic heavy metal found naturally in the environment, in contaminated drinking water supplies, and in countless manufactured objects. This includes paint and […]

Protect your home and the people in it from radon exposure. When people think about threats to a home, they usually think about floods, fires, and electrical issues, overlooking colorless, odorless, tasteless hazards like radon. According to the EPA, “Nearly one out of every 15 homes in the United States is estimated to have an […]

Should you get a mold inspection done regularly if you own residential or commercial property in California? Mold exposure can lead to serious health problems. It can also hurt the value of your property. We’ve put together 7 things you need to know about mold to help you protect your home or business and make […]

There’s so much work to do after a flood strikes your home or business. You’ll have to salvage and clean up what possessions survived the disaster, dry out the interior, and have your gas, electric, and other utilities thoroughly restored and tested. Once the drywall replacement, painting, and other repair work is completed, you’ll likely […]

While the United States has one of the safest water supplies in the world, there are many conditions that can cause differences in smell, taste, or look strange. At Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, California, we regularly inspect and test drinking water for home and business owners to determine if there are harmful levels […]

There is something deeply symbolic about the annual ritual of spring cleaning. Dusting and wiping away layers of accumulated grime, getting under the furniture, cleaning the oven and the back of the fridge — spring cleaning involves deep cleaning even those spaces that aren’t always given priority during regular tidying sessions. Can Cleaning Be Harmful […]

If you live in an older home in California, you may wonder if there could be asbestos in your floor and ceiling tiles. Owning property with a pedigree can mean you get a lot of personality through craftsman style accents and unique, vintage details. Unfortunately, you can also inherit problems or even hazards with those […]

Aside from financial losses, building closures for longer periods – like during the coronavirus pandemic, during renovations, or during seasonal downtimes – can cause a lot of invisible problems. If you are a business owner or property manager, there are many water safety-related reasons to call upon an environmental consulting professional before reopening. Best Practices […]

If you’re being exposed to mold in the workplace, Benchmark Environmental Engineering is here to assist with some tips and information to help you know what steps to take next. As buildings get older, they are more likely to have damage due to mold. You may have heard of Sick Building Syndrome caused by long […]

Test your home or business drinking water for lead with professional water testing by Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, California. Did you know that California passed a new law in 2018 to protect all children in the state from lead poisoning? Find out more about how lead can get into your drinking water and […]

Before you reopen your business in San Jose, California, call Benchmark Environmental Engineering for mold testing. The 2020 COVID-19 lockdown forced many commercial buildings to stop operations, leading to a reduction in cleaning, maintenance, water, and equipment use. Sudden halts like this can create hazards to returning workers and patrons that require professional inspection to […]

Benchmark Environmental Engineering can perform post-cleaning COVID-19 surface testing for your business or other commercial property in the San Jose, California, area. Information frequently changes as scientists learn more about the coronavirus — so much so that it can be tough for the average business owner to stay on top of it all. Our environmental […]

Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, CA, can test your soil for heavy metals. Contaminated soil has many possible consequences beyond ground level. Keep students, employees, and customers safe with our environmental consulting services. If you’re not sure whether your company or commercial land is pollution-free, invest in soil testing to get answers and peace […]

If your San Jose area home or business experienced flooding this past rainy season, consider making an appointment for professional mold testing by Benchmark Environmental Engineering. We can help you uncover hidden contamination and property damage so you can make needed repairs and have peace of mind. Dangers Of This Hidden Nuisance Even if you […]

Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, California, provides professional soil testing and inspection to assure you that you and your family remain safe from potentially dangerous lead exposure and other contaminants. We understand that your family’s health and wellness are profoundly important to you, and we are ready to help you make the decisions that […]

We have been following the COVID-19 developments closely. Benchmark Environmental is considered an “Essential Business” and an “Essential Business Supplier” under the Order of Health for the County of Santa Clara US and the Department of Homeland Security. At this time, we are still open and operational. Open & Taking Precautions We remain available 24 […]

Keep the children in your care safe from lead-contaminated drinking water by employing Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, California, to carry out swift and accurate water testing at your childcare facility. Don’t be caught non-compliant to current child safety laws. You owe it to yourself and the families who are entrusting the care of […]

Because mold and asthma just don’t mix, at Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, CA, we offer professional mold inspections to help you keep the air clear of this troublesome contaminant. If you are concerned that your indoor air quality is worsening your asthma, let us help you understand how you and members of your […]

Improve your home air quality with these simple tips from Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, California. We understand that the health of your family is important. When the safety of the air in your home is worrisome, we’re also here to provide thorough air quality testing and inspections. What are you and the people […]