Insurance Companies

Benchmark Environmental Engineering has provided testing solutions and expert witness services for insurance companies throughout the State of California since 1994. Based in San Jose, we have developed an excellent reputation within the insurance industry. We produce timely, unbiased investigations to aid in the assistance of loss-related cases. Our easy-to-follow loss reports are a crucial part of the property restoration process.

Environmental Testing for the Insurance Industry

Benchmark Environmental Engineering and our team of industrial hygienists work together with insurance companies throughout the state of California in order to resolve environmental cases. We produce timely, unbiased investigations to aid in the assistance of loss-related cases. Our easy-to-follow loss reports are a crucial part of the property restoration process. We offer a broad variety of testing services to assist in resolving your insurance claim, some of which include:

When Hazardous Materials Are Detected

When we detect the presence of hazardous materials, we formulate work plans guaranteed to remove the danger, to protect the health and safety of your insureds. Insurance companies in California and across the United States call on Benchmark Environmental Engineering to assist with diagnosing and formulating remediation plans for complex environmental issues.

Expert Witness Testimony for Insurance Companies

Benchmark Environmental Engineering also specializes in providing expert witness testimony for insurance companies in legal cases involving environmental issues. With over two decades of field experience and participation in government task forces, we truly understand environmental laws. We will give you important legal support in the courtroom cases, depositions or arbitration.

Catastrophic Loss

CatastrophicCatastrophicIn the case of an earthquake/hurricane or large, commercial loss, Benchmark has the expertise, experience and manpower to conduct timely inspections and prepare protocols for immediate remediation.

Benefits of Working With Us

Benchmark Environmental Engineering is an extension of your insurance claims loss team. When working with your customers, we are representing you, and we will provide your residential, commercial and municipal clients with the same excellent service that you give them. When fire, flood, earthquake or vandalism occurs, the Benchmark Environmental Engineering team will work to see that your clients’ structures and personal property are handled with care and are tested in a timely manner.

Increasing Efficiency & Minimizing Downtime

We understand the need for efficiency and minimizing downtime. Benchmark Environmental Engineering offers same-day testing and quick turnaround times for lab analysis and reporting. We provide your claims adjusters and clients with online reporting on-demand to help expedite the insurance claim process and to provide you with a historic record of work performed on the properties you insure. In cases where abatement or remediation is necessary, Benchmark Environmental Engineering will work with your adjusters and preferred abatement contractors to put together a thorough, cost-effective remediation plan.

Insurance Projects Of All Sizes

Benchmark Environmental Engineering has worked on insurance projects of all sizes, including standard residential mold tests, hazardous waste testing for lead paint, mold, and chemicals, and large multi-site asbestos abatement projects for commercial buildings. We have worked with many insurance companies on both residential and commercial claims, and we intimately understand the requirements of insurance programs. Our portfolio of clients includes national insurance carriers, major property management firms, California municipalities and federal agencies.

If your insurance company serves California homes and businesses, let Benchmark Environmental Engineering’s San Jose-based team of industrial hygienists assist you with your environmental consulting needs.

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