California Mudslide Testing & Inspection

Benchmark Environmental in San Jose is here to serve you with California mudslide testing and inspections. As if destruction, devastation, and costly cleanup efforts aren’t enough, mudslides can leave a slew of toxic contaminants in their wake. We are here to help with professional water and soil testing.

Toxic Mud & Sludge After A Mudslide

Rain can seem like such a blessing after our long, hot, drought-ridden summers. Unfortunately, when heavy rains cause massive mud and debris flows, hazardous wastes can collect in areas that threaten your employees, your family, and your pets. Some of these potentially harmful substances include:

  • Poisonous Household Chemicals
  • Unsanitary Sewage Waters
  • Oil And Gas Exposure
  • Dangerous Pesticides
  • Toxic Ash

Stay Safe, Test First

Prior to returning to your home after a mudslide or before beginning any road, beach, or other types of cleanup, it’s always best to test for the toxic hazards that lurk in the mud. These rivers of debris bring down more than just rock, boulders, and dirt. Along the way, this river of mud can pick up sewage, chemicals, oil, or pesticides. Mudslide cleanup can quickly turn into a health hazard if you don’t really know what you are moving, touching, and breathing in.

Deadly mudslides threaten more than just sensitive local marine life, plant and animal populations. Long after the rain stops, they can continue to be a threat to cleanup workers, flood personnel, search-and-rescue teams, and people returning to their homes or businesses after evacuation. Don’t let health threats be one more thing to worry about after the storms. You should perform environmental testing before you begin any mudslide cleanup.

Testing After The Mudslides In California

If you’ve been affected by a mudslide, don’t hesitate to contact Benchmark Environmental Engineering for environmental testing services. One of our technicians is ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have and schedule an on-site consultation. We serve San Jose, San Francisco, and the entire Bay Area. are here to keep your environment safe after a mudslide.

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