Chromium Testing

For professional chromium testing in the San Jose and San Francisco areas, count on Benchmark Environmental Engineering. Our knowledgeable staff will find or rule out common sources of chromium contamination in your environment. We provide thorough, accurate testing services to meet your residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

What Is Hexavalent Chromium?

Not all forms of chromium are dangerous. As a matter of fact, our bodies need this mineral in trace amounts. Hexavalent chromium, chromium 6 or chromium VI, however, is a toxic form of the chromium naturally found in your environment. Pollution containing this harmful substance is most commonly the result of manmade waste.

Chromium Contaminates Your Water, Soil & Air

Working in industries like tanning, pigment manufacturing, ceramics, metal finishing, welding, painting, asbestos removal, and woodworking can all increase your risk of coming into contact with hexavalent chromium. These risks don’t always stay within the walls of factories and on the grounds of worksites. Chromium can enter your water, soil, and air in the following ways:

  • Factory Emissions Polluting The Air
  • Improper Landfill Disposal Polluting Groundwater
  • The Use Of Chromium Waste Slag In Community Soils
  • Contaminated Rainwater Runoff Into Surface And Groundwater
  • Factory Waste Contamination In Aquifers And Drinking Water

Exposure Causes Health Risks

Whether it’s your well or your work that’s making you sick, chromium exposure can cause major health problems. The symptoms range from eye and skin irritation to asthma and even lung cancer. Why take risks with your health? Get your soil, well, aquifer, drinking water or air tested for chromium.

Protect Yourself With Chromium Testing

Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect your investments. Let Benchmark Environmental Engineering test your home, workplace, industrial setting, or land development project. Contact us today to schedule chromium testing in the San Jose and San Francisco areas.

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