Coliform Testing

For anyone in San Jose that needs Coliform testing, Benchmark Environmental Engineering is the environmental consulting company you should contact. Coliform bacteria are a part of the natural microbiology found in the intestinal tract of animals. Coliform bacteria have been selected as the number one indicator of the existence of bacteria that can cause disease. Testing the drinking water in certain areas where there may be a presence of coliform bacteria is important in keeping people and animals healthy and sustaining suitable drinking water.

The Health Hazards

There are many health hazards due to coliform bacteria. Benchmark Environment Engineering has trained professional lab technicians that specialize in testing for coliform bacteria. Coliform bacteria are known to be mildly infectious and they are not disease causing organisms. For this reason, it is somewhat safe to work with these organisms in the laboratory. Coliform bacteria can end up in the environment and in the feces of animals and humans. Coliform bacteria may not cause illness most of the time, but it can be evidence that other disease-causing bacteria are also in the water. Illness from these other bacteria found in the water can cause fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea.

How Can We Test For Coliform Bacteria In Our Water?

Since we can’t taste bacteria, see, or smell it, the only way to know that your water is safe would be by collecting a water sample and testing for coliform bacteria. Our team of technicians at Benchmark Environmental Engineering will come to your home or business and perform tests to determine whether coliform bacteria is present in your water. We suggest testing for coliform bacteria at least once a year for the safety of the residents and employees of your property. Possible cracks in well systems and water systems can be a cause of coliform bacteria in water.

Keep Your Water Safe

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we believe in keeping water safe for everyone. We provide testing that will arm you with knowledge, and provide piece of mind. If there is an indication of coliform bacteria in your water, our technicians will guide you toward the right procedure to clean up your water and keep it clean.

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