E. Coli Testing

Prevent water-borne illness with E. coli testing from Benchmark Environmental Engineering, located in San Jose, California. Water is necessary for life, but when it runs the risk of bacterial contamination, it can quickly become a health hazard. Don’t leave your water quality to chance. Enlist the professional environmental consultant services of Benchmark and use your water with peace of mind.

E. Coli: A Cause For Concern

Escherichia coli, otherwise known as E. Coli, is excreted from the intestines of humans and animals. This coliform bacteria can also be found in soil, often as a result of agricultural runoff, and can be transmitted through contaminated water. If consumed, it can cause intestinal infection with a range of symptoms from diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever, to urinary tract infections and pneumonia. The elderly and young children are particularly susceptible to the ill-effects of this bacterial contamination.

Testing For Contaminants

The presence of fecal coliforms in your water can determine if your water is suitable for consumption. Coliform bacteria testing is the ideal indicator for revealing the quality of various water sources. If a test reveals a high concentration of coliform bacteria it indicates the presence of other disease-causing bacteria. From here, Benchmark Environmental Engineering will develop a remediation plan to safely and effectively address the problem so potable water can be restored.

Reasons For Water Quality Testing

Wherever human or animal fecal matter can come into contact with the environment, there exists a chance that water contamination could occur. From business, public facility, and property owners to homeowners concerned about their family’s drinking water, having a water test conducted is the quickest way to ensure peace of mind. You may be interested in our E. coli water testing services for the following reasons:

  • Suspected Sewage Contamination
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Well Water Testing
  • Drinking Water Safety
  • Bottled Water Manufacturing
  • To Prevent Water-Borne Illness
  • Public Swimming Pool Sanitation

Your San Jose Environmental Consultants

Play it safe and rule out any concerns you may have about E. coli contamination with a carefully conducted test using state-of-the-art analysis. With our dedicated San Jose team of industry professionals, we make it our mission to protect human health and improve your quality of life. Call Benchmark Environmental Engineering today for a free quote on E. coli bacteria testing.

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