Flooring Testing

If you’re concerned about dangerous chemicals or carcinogens, schedule flooring testing by Benchmark Environmental in San Jose. We provide flooring inspections, testing, and contamination investigations throughout California. We work with homeowners, commercial property owners, and facilities managers to protect residents and employees from exposure to harmful materials.

Testing Floors For VOCs

Many chemicals are used to manufacture building materials, and in concentrated forms, they can be harmful. Environmental tests have shown that unsafe levels of this dangerous chemical exist in laminate flooring recently manufactured in China and installed in American homes, including properties in San Jose and throughout Santa Clara County. Benchmark Environmental Engineering is working with residents, property managers, and commercial building owners to test for the presence of risky substances, like VOCs, in their flooring.

Our chemical testing protocols include site inspections, collecting samples of the laminate flooring, and air quality monitoring. We analyze the test results and provide you with comprehensive reporting and a sound remediation plan. Benchmark Environmental Engineering will collaborate with your chosen environmental contractor to execute the safe removal of the contaminant. After the cleanup process is complete, our environmental hygienists will re-test your property to certify that it is safe to inhabit.

Does Your Floor Contain Asbestos?

Asbestos is another hazardous material that is found in flooring and is known to cause cancer. Vinyl and linoleum floors installed in San Jose-area homes prior to 1982 may contain asbestos. When asbestos is disturbed by construction or damage to your flooring, it can become airborne. Residents or workers who inhale this carcinogen are at risk for cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.

If you are concerned that your floor tiles contain asbestos, let Benchmark Environmental Engineering provide you with peace of mind. Our certified industrial hygienists will perform an asbestos inspection and survey in your California home, business or government facility. Our testing process includes a visual inspection, air sample collection and lab analysis of flooring samples. We will analyze the test results and put together an asbestos abatement plan for your property. Benchmark Environmental Engineering will provide site monitoring, project management, and post-abatement testing as your preferred remediation contractor removes these hazardous materials.

Northern California’s Leading Environmental Testing Firm

Building owners, large property management firms, and government agencies in Santa Clara County and throughout California trust us for thorough chemical testing and accurate analysis. We have been part of legislative task forces in the State of California, and Benchmark Environmental Engineering has provided expert witness services in many significant legal proceedings involving toxic building materials.

Let Us Test Your Flooring For Chemicals & Carcinogens

If you suspect that the flooring in your house, apartment complex, condominium, or public building may contain harmful chemicals, schedule a consultation with Benchmark Environmental Engineering. Our San Jose and Los Angeles-based staff will provide you with a building evaluation and testing options tailored to meet your property’s needs.

Protecting the health of your family, employees, and tenants is critical. Let us help you safeguard it with chemical testing. Call us today to discuss your concerns.

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