How Does Radon Get In My Home?

Protect your home and the people in it from radon exposure. When people think about threats to a home, they usually think about floods, fires, and electrical issues, overlooking colorless, odorless, tasteless hazards like radon.

According to the EPA, “Nearly one out of every 15 homes in the United States is estimated to have an elevated level of radon.” As uranium, thorium, or radium decomposes, this gas can enter your home or business in a number of ways, increasing the potential for exposure.

The CDC states – “Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking.” So, spotting points of entry and addressing them is essential.

  • Through soils that are underneath the building.
  • Through rocks underneath your foundation.
  • Through the building materials used in construction.
  • Through your water supply.

Radon In The Soil

Naturally occurring radon in soils can enter your home through the cracks in basements walls and gaps in flooring. This gas can move through the soil easier than other substances. It may be possible to dilute toxic gases getting in through the soil by sealing cracks and adding more ventilation in basements and crawlspaces.

Rocks Under Your Foundation

Radioactive chemicals in the rocks under your property can decay into radon gas and be released through small cracks in your home’s foundation. This is especially true if you have deeper, dug-in rooms, like basements. Again, sealing up the sources of entry and making sure there is plenty of ventilation can help.

Building Materials

There are also situations where radon could be introduced into the home through building materials, like natural stone, that contain this substance naturally. Some building materials possess low levels, and when these materials start to decay, gases can be released into the home.

Radon In Your Water Supply

Finally, radon can also be introduced into your water supplies. Rocks and soil underneath rivers and creek beds start to break down. This chemical can flow with the water through a home’s well-water system.

Radon Testing Near San Jose

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we provide radon testing and environmental consulting throughout San Jose. CA. Contact us today to schedule inspection and testing services.

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