Lead-Based Paint: What Property Managers Need To Know

If you are a landlord or property manager in the San Jose area, at Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we want you to be aware of the safety hazards of lead-based paint to your tenants. Lead paint can lead to serious health risks, and tenants have rights regarding lead paint.

Dangers Of Lead Exposure

Lead paint exposure can cause lead paint poisoning over time. Repeated exposure may cause a build-up of lead in a person’s system, which eventually triggers symptoms and illnesses. Children and infants are especially at risk for lead paint poisoning.

Some of the symptoms in children can include developmental delays, learning disabilities, and weight loss. Adults also experience headaches, high blood pressure, and joint pain. These are just some of the dangerous complications of lead exposure.

Landlord Responsibility

While landlords in California are not required to remove lead paint from rental properties, they are required to provide a lead paint disclosure to all potential tenants. Along with the disclosure, all landlords and property managers must provide a pamphlet outlining the dangers of lead paint from the EPA, and the presence of lead paint must be included in the lease agreement.

There may be severe penalties and fines for failing to disclose and provide this information.

Lead Paint Tips For Property Managers

While property managers and landlords are not required to have lead paint testing completed, it can benefit you in the long run. If the property has been tested and no lead paint is found, it makes the property more desirable to rent. A short term expense, in this case, can lead to long term dividends with happy tenants and many years of rental income. Some other best practice tips regarding lead paint include:

  • Maintaining All Painted Surfaces
  • Having Tenants Report Peeling Paint
  • Using RRP Certified Contractors For Repairs
  • Keeping Records For All Maintenance Work
  • Have A Lead Paint Inspection Completed

Lead Paint Inspection For Rentals In San Jose

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we are your lead paint experts in San Jose, CA and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to book a lead paint testing and inspection service for your rental property. Prioritizing tenant health and avoiding the hazards of lead paint exposure will set you apart as a property manager.

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