Lead Testing & Inspection

Benchmark Environmental Engineering is Northern and Southern California’s leader in lead testing and inspection. We are able to provide homeowners, commercial property owners, property managers and maintenance professionals with testing and abatement protocol development.

Why is Lead Paint Dangerous?

Lead was widely used in the manufacture of household paints prior to 1978. Because of its ability to help paint adhere to surfaces better, construction companies and builders used this paint in household applications, and toy manufacturers used it for the same reasons. When studies began to show that ingesting this substance caused serious health risks, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned its production in 1978.

Because contractors were allowed to exhaust any remaining lead paint supplies, its use was continued through the mid-1980’s.

Lead Is Hazardous To Children & Adults

When lead paint is disturbed, either through building repairs and renovations or chipping and peeling of paint caused by age, it is released into the air and becomes a health risk, especially for kids. Children who are exposed to this toxin can suffer brain damage, behavior and learning problems, and serious physical impairments.

Adults can also suffer from overexposure to lead, including reproductive problems, high blood pressure, muscle pain, and neurological disorders. Because of these lead-related health problems, if your house was built prior to the 1980’s, it is important to have Benchmark Environmental Engineering conduct a lead assessment and provide you with an industry-proven remediation plan.

How We Test for Lead Paint

Benchmark Environmental Engineering has California Department of Public Health Certified Inspectors and Assessors on staff to handle all lead-related projects that may range from an interior and exterior risk assessment to inspections on large multi-story structures. The three primary methods we use when conducting lead inspections include surveys with XRF analyzers, risk assessments, and hazard screens.

  • When our DHS-Certified Lead Inspectors and Assessors perform a survey, they study samples of all exterior and interior painted surfaces, as well as wallpapered-areas, and test them with an XRF analyzer that does not damage or disturb the paint.
  • When we detect lead paint using a risk assessment, Benchmark Environmental Engineering’s inspectors examine the property for deteriorating paint.
  • We take samples of the paint and any soil in the area surrounding the building, which are sent to a laboratory accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.
  • Our assessors also make a physical evaluation of the cause and extent of the damage to the paint.
  • Hazard screening is a method that is very similar to risk assessment; however, it is not as in-depth.

What If Your Property Tests Positive?

When a home or commercial building tests positive for the presence of lead paint, we will construct a stabilization and / or lead abatement protocol for an EPA Lead Safe Certified remediation firm to follow. Our remediation plans follow all federal and state guidelines, ensuring that your property will be free from lead and its hazards. We can provide project management and oversight while the remediation firm is performing the lead abatement.

When the lead has been removed from your property, Benchmark Environmental Engineering will conduct clearance sampling and certify that your building is lead-free.

Additional Lead Paint Services

Benchmark Environmental Consulting has a staff of San Jose-based instructors who are certified by the State of California to teach Renovation Repair and Painting (RRP Training), Lead Paint OSHA Compliance, Lead Paint Awareness and Lead Paint Refresher classes. We offer these state and federal approved courses to property managers, facilities and maintenance managers and personnel, and lead abatement contractors.

Attending our lead-based paint classes can help to reduce your potential liability, protect your employees, and provide you and your staff with a comprehensive education on industry regulations regarding lead paint.

Benchmark Environmental Consulting also offers expert witness services to clients needing assistance with legal proceedings involved lead paint claims. With over twenty years of experience with California environmental laws and participation on government task forces, we are able to provide you with the legal support you need.

Why Choose Benchmark Environmental Engineering

As California’s leading environmental consulting firm, Benchmark Environmental Engineering can provide you with a comprehensive suite of lead paint inspection and testing. Our field inspectors specialize in detecting, assessing and creating abatement plans for environmental hazard exposures. Our certified instructors are able to provide you and your staff with cutting-edge continuing education courses and can assist you with all of your litigation support needs.

Whether you are renovating a pre-1980’s building, need professional training or require legal assistance, Benchmark Environmental Engineering is your full-service environmental testing and consulting source. We offer affordable solutions for projects of all sizes in both Northern and Southern California.

Our online client portal allows you and your staff to submit service requests, view the progress of your project and access our test results and reports on-demand. Our historical database also allows you to use this information at any point in the future when the need arises to review your building’s records. We can also assist you and your staff in creating operations and maintenance plans to prevent contamination.

Schedule California Lead Testing & Inspections Today

Above all, our primary concern is to protect your health. Our number one commitment is to provide you with quick response times, sound remedial plans, and first-class hands-on environmental training. Let Benchmark Environmental Engineering assist you with your lead testing and inspection in San Jose and all throughout California.

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