Meth Lab Testing

Benchmark Environmental Engineering performs meth lab testing for suspected and known contaminated properties in the San Jose area. We work with California law enforcement agencies, property owners, property managers and insurance companies to investigate and cleanup properties affected by clandestine lab activities.

Meth Lab Inspections

Benchmark Environmental Engineering takes a multi-faceted approach to methamphetamine lab inspections. We begin with a preliminary site assessment, in which we perform a physical inspection of the building to determine what hazards are present. We review the police report about the lab, and interview the law enforcement officer involved in removing any meth precursors.

Meth Lab Testing

After completing our physical inspection of the property and consulting with law enforcement officials, we draft a sampling strategy, which we submit for approval by local agencies. After our testing plan has been approved, Benchmark Environmental Engineering’s team of certified industrial hygienists will proceed with gathering contamination samples from various areas of the building, which are analyzed by an accredited third-party laboratory.

Upon receiving the lab results, we design a work plan for the decontamination and clean-up of the property. We work with insurance companies as we put together an approved protocol that will remove the hazards posed by the meth lab. Benchmark Environmental Engineering provides project oversight while a licensed hazardous-waste removal contractor decontaminates the building. When the scope of work has been completed we take a post-decontamination verification sampling. With clean lab results, we write a closure report and process any documentation needed by local authorities and insurance companies to certify the building’s safety.

Why Choose Benchmark Environmental Engineering for Meth Lab Testing and Decontamination?

Benchmark Environmental Engineering is an expert in meth lab testing in Northern and South California. We have intimate knowledge of local and state regulations, and have worked with law enforcement agencies and insurance companies on clandestine lab clean-up projects throughout California. We provide peace of mind for property owners and property managers, in that we handle all of the testing, paperwork and project oversight associated with this meth lab clean-ups. Our team of professionals understands the need to minimize downtime and loss-of-use, along with the supreme need to ensure the safety of those who live or work in the affected home or commercial building. Benchmark Environmental is dedicated to facilitating a thorough clean-up and restoration of the structure in a timely manner.

If you own or manage a building in the San Jose area that has been subjected to methamphetamine lab contamination, call the professionals at Benchmark Environmental Engineering. We will navigate through the legal and insurance requirements on your behalf, and we will provide you with a complete investigation, testing and hazardous materials removal solution.



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