Stormwater Testing

At Benchmark Environmental, we perform stormwater testing in San Jose and throughout the state of California. As a property manager or homeowner, it’s important to test possibly contaminated runoff, entering and exiting your land, drinking water, or garden after a storm or flood. We are one of the leading hazardous and toxic contaminate testing specialists serving all of the California coastal regions. We are serious when it comes to human health and protection of the environment which is why we have been serving the community for over two decades.

Stormwater Should Be Tested Following Major Rain

If you believe your drinking water has been contaminated, it’s important to cease use and call a specialist. Water contamination is a severe risk to people, animals, and plants. It can be extremely harmful to infants or those with delicate immune systems, and negative health risks have even been seen in strong, healthy adults. The Environmental Protective Agency (EPA) and certified drinking water engineers from state health departments advise that if you own land or use well water, it should be tested after a major flood or storm. Boiling contaminated water may not kill the contamination that may have occurred from the last rainfall or flood. Hazardous or toxic chemicals commonly found in storm runoff include:

  • Sewage
  • Pesticides & herbicides
  • E. coli & other dangerous bacteria
  • Carcinogens
  • Industrial chemicals

Water Testing For Contaminates Is Essential To Safety

In the event of a major flood or storm, chances are you’ll need to keep employees, customers, or family safe from the possible hazardous toxic wastes that follow in the aftermath. Some contaminants are undetectable to the human sense of smell or sight, which is why testing water is the safest practice for properties that rely on a well-water system or experience regular flooding.

Annual Assessment Of Water Quality’s Key To Health

Not only is it important to test your water after any flooding or storms, but standard health regulations suggest that it’s important to schedule a professional water surveyor to test your water quality on a regular basis. Our specialists at Benchmark Environmental Engineering are trained to test commercial-sized industry locations as well as residential and other specially zoned areas.

Contact Us Today

If you’re in the need for stormwater testing in San Jose or the surrounding areas, contact Benchmark Environmental today. If you’ve experienced a heavy storm or flood recently, call us, and we’ll help assess the contaminants in your water and help with a plan for remediation.

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