White Mold Testing

Get both your home or work environment and your health under control with white mold testing by Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, CA. You’ve probably heard of black mold, but when it comes to toxic growth, white mold can also be harmful to your health. With professional testing, you can clearly determine your risk of exposure.

Is White Mold Dangerous?

White mold shares similar characteristics with other molds when it comes to health concerns. Because of its ability to activate allergic responses and respiratory issues in sensitive individuals, it’s important not to underestimate this mold simply because it’s not dark like it’s more infamous cousin, black mold. Signs you may be suffering from white mold exposure include:

  • Allergic Reactions
  • Eye Irritation
  • Infections
  • Breathing Problems

White Mold Or Not?

If you suspect you have white mold growing in your home or office, our team of trained technicians can help. We will collect samples to be carefully analyzed at our laboratory. If the sample is a harmful white mold species or one you’re allergic to, we can then provide you with a remediation plan for effective and safe removal by the remediation company of your choice.

Sometimes a type of crystalline growth called efflorescence can grow on stone or concrete structures and is often mistaken for white mold. This substance is harmless and should not be cause for concern. If the growth appears on a material such as wood or sheetrock, however, you can rule out efflorescence, and we encourage you to have the proper testing for white mold performed.

Where Does White Mold Grow?

White mold can grow in any location as long as the conditions are right. Some common areas for this type of mold are in crawlspaces and within attic sheathing. These are areas that commonly retain moisture and heat. These factors, however, can occur anywhere within the home or office making a perfect place for white mold growth.

Test For White Mold Today

If you’re in the San Jose, California area and live or work in a building that you think may be affected by this fungus, give us a call. While some mold can easily be spotted, the growth that occurs in out-of-reach corners or under the floor can be difficult to find. At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, our experienced team will perform thorough white mold testing and inspection services to help you rule out or clear out this possible health hazard.

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