8 Tips After Your Business Has Experienced Flooding

If your business has been flooded in a natural disaster, there are several steps you need to take immediately. Start with these eight tips to assist you after your business has experienced flooding and water damage.

  1. Turn off electricity and water sources.
  2. Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  3. Reach out to your insurance.
  4. Find a trusted cleanup company.
  5. Audit your physical property.
  6. Find a temporary workspace.
  7. Work with a water restoration center.
  8. Pick your reopening date.

1. Turn Off All Electrical And Water Sources

Immediately after flooding occurs, go to the property and turn off the electrical power and water mainline. This can prevent further damage, such as fire, from happening to the property.

2. Communicate With Customers And Clients

Let your customers and clients know what has happened, especially those waiting for orders to be fulfilled or contracts to be signed.

All active parties involved with your business must be aware of the flooding. This will also protect your business from undue harm or damage incurred by late payments to vendors, etc.

3. Contact Your Business Insurance Company

Next, reach out to your insurance agent and request a damage inspection. This will start the process of applying for insurance reimbursements.

Your insurance agent will have to conduct a damage inspection to see where flood damage occurred and the estimated repair cost. This might include groundwater testing to determine if chemicals have been released during the flood.

4. Select A Company for Cleanup Services

Choose a reputable company to clean up the business property. Look for a company with experience in detailing businesses and offices, or industrial factories, depending on your business type.

5. Conduct An Audit Of Physical Property

Do your audit of the physical property that floodwater damaged. This process includes inspecting office furniture, computer technology, machinery, and other equipment. You will also want a professional audit of business data to ensure no files and information were lost in the flooding.

6. Find A Temporary Workspace

If necessary, find a new place to work. A temporary workspace may be the ticket to staying open for your operations. Co-working office spaces are one option, or you may consider renting a warehouse.

7. Contact A Water Restoration Contractor

Reach out to a reputable water restoration contractor. This should be a professional who works with water damage and in an industrial setting. The contractor will provide you with a quote and bid on the repair price.

8. Choose a Reopening Date

Once you have started the renovation process, it is time to pick a date for reopening your business. Let customers and clients know about the good news through marketing and advertising.

Schedule Water Testing For Your Safety

Here at Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we perform environmental and water testing after flooding. We work with your restoration company to make sure there are no hidden environmental dangers. Our company serves San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Jose, CA. Contact us today to receive a quote on water testing.

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