How Does Lead Get Into Drinking Water?

Test your home or business drinking water for lead with professional water testing by Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, California. Did you know that California passed a new law in 2018 to protect all children in the state from lead poisoning?

Find out more about how lead can get into your drinking water and what you can do about it.

How Does Lead Get Into Drinking Water?

Lead can enter your drinking water when plumbing components that contain lead start to erode. Water that’s highly acidic or doesn’t have a lot of minerals is incredibly corrosive. If you live in an older city or a house built before 1986, you’re more likely to encounter this kind of lead-seeping corrosion.

  • Brass Or Chrome-Plated Brass Faucets
  • Lead Faucets & Fixtures
  • Lead Pipes
  • Plumbing With Lead Solder

The Dangers Of Lead

Both the EPA and CDC agree that there’s no safe level of lead consumption. Lead is so dangerous because our bodies store this substance in our bones, where it accumulates over time. You might think you’re okay at the moment, but that lead build-up can cause more severe health problems years later.

Why Lead In Water Testing Is Important

Drinking water testing from a company like Benchmark Environmental Engineering is the surest way to uncover or rule out the existence of lead in your water supplies. If our tests return positive for lead, our knowledgable consultants can advise you on the next steps you should take to clean things up and avoid further complications.

It Doesn’t Pay To Wait!

We can’t overstate the fact that delaying remediation efforts only does more harm than good. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to run into problems. If you’re a property manager or business owner, you may find yourself in legal trouble too.

New Lead Testing Requirements

The 2018 law expands California’s requirement for lead testing in schools to pre-schools and daycare centers. This is the first time that daycare centers are required by the state to conduct this kind of water testing. Though legislators haven’t clarified what they mean by “elected lead levels” at the time of writing, here are six things that we do know for sure:

  • Lead in water testing is now required by all daycare centers licensed by the Department of Social Services.
  • The law applies to publicly and privately funded facilities.
  • It excludes family day care homes and centers built after 2010.
  • Initial water testing must be performed between January 1, 2020, and January 1, 2023.
  • After the initial test, centers are required to re-test their water every five years.
  • Centers are required to post all test results online and notify parents.

Schedule Drinking Water Testing In San Jose

Are you a business owner, child-centered service, concerned homeowner. or property manager in the San Jose area? We can help you check on the health of your tap water. Contact us at Benchmark Environmental Engineering and schedule lead testing for drinking water today.

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