Popcorn Ceiling Testing

Popcorn Ceiling Testing San Jose

You don’t have to guess when it comes to asbestos, Benchmark Environmental provides popcorn ceiling testing in San Jose and the surrounding areas. We consult, inspect and test for the private, public and governmental markets to ensure a safe living and working environment. So, your older home, office ceiling panels, or school buildings aren’t a liability just waiting to happen.

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos refers to a group of six minerals comprised of thin fibers that were once widely used for insulation and fireproofing. According to the EPA, asbestos was a preferred material due to its natural resistance to heat and fire, and used in other common building components such as ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, linoleum and roof tiles. Unfortunately, when tiny asbestos fibers are disturbed and released into the air, they can cause serious damage by lodging in the lungs of unsuspecting victims, a known cause of mesothelioma cancer.

Asbestos can be found in buildings built between the 1930s and the 1980s, where it was frequently used as a texturing material for a Stucco-look, popcorn ceiling.

Testing Popcorn Ceilings For Asbestos

If you have a popcorn ceiling, your health, and the health of those occupying your building, may be affected by asbestos if the fibers have been disturbed and have infiltrated your indoor air. We can conduct environmental testing to determine if your indoor air contains this health hazard. If the results indicate the presence of asbestos, our environmental consultants can help you with a remediation plan and post-remediation testing.

Getting Rid Of Asbestos In Your Ceiling

One of the least expensive options for addressing a popcorn ceiling containing this hazardous material is to cover the existing textured ceiling with a new layer of texturing material that is asbestos free. By encasing the old ceiling, you prevent the asbestos fibers from entering the environment.

The EPA does not recommend painting as a solution because both rolling and brushing may release fibers. Spraying paint could potentially over-saturate the area and deteriorate the existing material, thus releasing fibers into the air. If removal is necessary, it is important that only professionals handle the removal process due to the strict procedures required for a safe extraction.

Popcorn Ceiling Inspection

If you are in the San Jose area and are concerned about your popcorn ceiling, contact us today to arrange inspection and testing. With over 20 years of experience in environmental testing, inspection and education, and a national reputation for specializing in complex environmental cases; Benchmark Environmental Engineering is a leader in environmental consulting.