What Is Industrial Hygiene & Why It’s Important?

You may have heard of industrial hygiene, especially when it comes to worker safety and OSHA compliance, but what is it, and how can it benefit you? At Benchmark Environmental, we offer a wide range of environmental testing and safety training services. We also specialize in industrial safety and want to help you understand all the advantages available to you when you hire our California industrial hygienists.

What Is Industrial Hygiene?

According to The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), industrial hygiene is about recognizing and analyzing workplace hazards. It’s also about the methods used to counter those hazards to make sure people in your work environment remain safe and healthy.

What Your Industrial Hygienist Does

  • Monitoring Phase – In this initial step, the hygienist monitors a workplace for hazards, looking for any dangers that might be present. These include air contaminants and chemical, biological or physical threats.
  • Testing Phase – This is the phase where a hygienist performs tests in the work environment.
  • Analysis Phase – During this phase, if the hygienist discovers hazards during the testing phase, we will make suggestions to help you mitigate or reduce the risk of those hazards. We can advise employers and management on what measures can be taken to control the hazards and maintain a safe and healthy work environment per OSHA standards.

Common Workplace Hazards

Environmental job hazards include contaminants in the air, potentially dangerous chemicals, or biological issues that must be addressed. All of these can have serious consequences for your business, workplace, or job site. Industrial hygienists can help you identify any existing biological hazards and develop a remediation plan.

Common air contaminants can be irritating and dangerous in the right circumstances. Maintaining air quality can improve employee wellness and satisfaction.

  • Mold & Fungi
  • Bacteria & Viruses
  • Fumes & Vapors
  • Fibers & Particles
  • Chemical Gases & VOCs

Industrial Hygiene Affects Everyone’s Wellbeing

A safe environment is a more productive one. As managers and owners, it’s important to make employee wellbeing a top priority. We are here to support your company in this effort.

Our Environmental Testing Services Support Industrial Hygiene

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