Heavy Metal Testing

For heavy metal testing of your water or soil, count on Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose. Have the news reports about lead in California drinking water got you worried? Are you getting your garden soil ready for a great growing season, but worry about arsenic or lead levels? Our professional testing services can quickly determine the levels of heavy metals in your water and soil. Contact us today and stop those worries in their tracks.

Professional Heavy Metals Testing

While many of these metals occur naturally in our soil and water, human activities such as mining and industrial waste, fertilizers and microplastics can contribute to their unnatural buildup. This can result in significant health problems, particularly in children and the elderly. Let us give you confidence in the safety of your environment with professional water and soil testing to rule out the presence of heavy metals at toxic levels. We test for common heavy metals in water and soil including:

While some of these play an important part in your health at normal levels, it is important to determine if your water or soil contains heavy metals in amounts that can result in acute as well as chronic poisoning.

Heavy Metal Toxicity

When you are exposed to toxic levels of heavy metals, particularly lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium, they can accumulate in your soft tissues causing serious long term damage. Symptoms of toxicity can vary depending on the metal involved. Chronic arsenic poisoning through drinking water can result in skin lesions, weight loss, coronary heart disease, anemia, diabetes, cancer and neurological problems. Lead poisoning can lead to organ damage, brain damage, learning disabilities, stunted growth, coma, and in extreme cases, death.

Testing for Lead

Since lead in our drinking water has been of concern nationally in the last few years, we are more and more aware of how important it is to perform lead testing, not just for individuals, but for schools, municipalities, and businesses as well.

Aging water supply infrastructures, older corroded lead jointed pipelines, deteriorating polyvinyl chloride pipes and household plumbing can all contribute to the problem.

Arsenic in Water

Arsenic can accumulate in the soil as a result of pesticides, mining, and industrial operations. This results in leaching into our groundwater, streams, rivers and lakes, ultimately polluting our water systems. Benchmark Environmental can eliminate your concerns of arsenic exposure by collecting and testing water samples at regular intervals.

Soil Testing For Heavy Metals

If you are concerned about the level of heavy metals in your soil, testing for at least lead and arsenic is highly recommended. A quick phone call before starting your next gardening, landscaping, or building project can get your property tested, and your piece of mind restored. We will collect samples at several locations on your site to determine the level of these substances in your immediate environment.

Heavy Metal Testing Is Just A Phone Call Away

Don’t spend another minute worrying about what’s in your drinking water or soil. Contact Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose today for professional heavy metal testing.

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