Multi-Family Operations & Maintenance Plans

Operation & Management Plan

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we can help you keep your properties safe for both employees and residents through well developed multi-family operations and maintenance plans (O&M). If you own or manage multifamily properties in the San Jose area, we invite you to learn more about how these plans can be an essential resource and form of protection for you.

What Is An Operations & Maintenance Plan?

O&M plans cover how and when certain types of maintenance should occur to avoid problems. They are preventative measures. Having an O&M plan for mold, for example, can guard residents in multifamily buildings against unnecessary exposure, direct effective mediation efforts, and prevent large-scale property damage.

  • Monitor For Materials Of Concern (Lead Paint, Asbestos, Mold, etc.)
  • Prevent Initial Or Further Property Contamination Or Damage
  • Ensure Materials Handling By Trained Personnel
  • Ensure Proper Cleanup Of Contaminants
  • Keep Property In Good Condition

Setting The Standard For Safety

When you define procedures ahead of time, employees and maintenance personnel know how to act in order to prevent or service incidents at your properties.

You let them know what to watch out for, how often to inspect specific areas or materials, and what maintenance tasks need to be performed. There’s no need for confusion or guessing games when it comes to keeping your tenants safe and your liability as low as possible.

When your residents feel safe and happy where they are, you avoid vacancies and high turn over rates. An added bonus of proper O&M.

Examples Of Good Operations & Maintenance For Asbestos

If you manage older condos, apartments, or townhouses, there may be a concern of asbestos exposure for your tenants, managers, and maintenance staff. So, your asbestos operations and maintenance program would consist of a multi-tiered approach.

Plans For Awareness, Remediation & Handling

Resident awareness and regularly inspecting any known asbestos-containing materials (ACM) for damage would add to plans for safe renovation or remediation where necessary. The proper steps to take during regular repairs would be set down and used to train new staff.

Inspection Routines & Careful Repair Instruction

Your O&M might include, for example, regular inspection of pipe insulation or ceiling tiles. Materials may be developed to train cleaning staff for safe procedures around ACM. You could also include a checklist of steps to take if damage has occurred or asbestos fibers have been released into the air to reduce or eliminate exposure.

Being able to turn to these pre-developed procedures means workers at multiple levels know what to do in each situation, every single time.

Example Procedures For Mold Safety

If your concern is mold, we can help you create mold-centric materials. These could include inspection checklists, incidents tracking logs, lease provision and addendum materials, residential tip sheets, and documents outlining the proper steps to prevent mold during a leak or flood and what to do if mold is found.

We can also be your first point of contact for safe inspection of suspected hazards and outline best practices for remediation.

O&M For Peace Of Mind

With proper operations and maintenance techniques professionally developed and clearly spelled out, there’s no “now what do we do”? You’re prepared. You also have the means to regularly collect a paper trail of proof that you have done everything in your power to protect your residents in the event of an incident.

Your San Jose Source For Testing, Inspect & Planning

Let us help you develop effective operations & planning procedures for your multifamily properties. Contact us today to find out how we can help you protect yourself and your occupants with clear, effective strategies for safety. At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we can help you throughout the San Jose area of California.