Testing Indoor Air Quality After A Flood

There’s so much work to do after a flood strikes your home or business. You’ll have to salvage and clean up what possessions survived the disaster, dry out the interior, and have your gas, electric, and other utilities thoroughly restored and tested. Once the drywall replacement, painting, and other repair work is completed, you’ll likely be raring to move back in, but first, don’t forget to have the indoor air quality tested for hidden dangers.

Why Is Professional Air Testing Important?

Floodwaters can pollute indoor air, which in turn can make you, your staff, or your loved ones very sick. A simple smell test won’t reveal hidden issues that can worsen over time. Nor are most airborne toxins visible to the naked eye; all these reasons underline why professional air testing is such a vital step in the post-flood recovery process.

Post-Flood Air Problems

According to the EPA, microbial growth after a flooding incident can lead to long-term indoor air quality issues. Mold proliferates in wet environments and can cause allergic reactions and other health problems. Other harmful substances can also leach into the air due to flood water and the subsequent cleaning process.

We Identify Hidden Dangers

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we offer a full range of environmental testing and air quality inspection services in and around San Jose and the surrounding area. Our consultants can provide a custom air quality solution, including inspection and testing, detection, reporting, and developing a remediation plan after a flood.

You’ve done the heavy lifting already — let our experts find the problems that you can’t see.

Certified Industrial Hygienists

We aren’t some fly-by-night company. Our management team has defined strict internal protocols not just to meet government guidelines — we exceed them. Our certified industrial hygienists are trained to identify and prevent unhealthy workplace exposures that can cause injuries and illnesses. This includes the many kinds of airborne hazards that can occur after a flood.

Have You Experienced A Flood? Call Us Today!

Whether you are a homeowner or are managing an apartment, school, large enterprise, or another facility, Benchmark Environmental Engineering is here for you. Call today to schedule air quality testing for peace of mind after a flood.

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