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If you find yourself worrying about school drinking water in the San Jose area, at Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we can help with professional water testing services. More and more lead contamination stories are turning up online and in the news. We understand your concern about the possible dangers of lead in the drinking water children […]

Benchmark Environmental provides environmental testing for new home buyers moving to or investing in San Jose, California. A large portion of homes on the market are aging, built with materials that are now considered hazardous. Even newer homes can deteriorate rapidly due to weather and forces of nature. These realities cause more and more real […]

Perhaps that clear, sparkling, glass of water is not as clean as you thought. If you’re concerned that there may be lead in your drinking water, Benchmark Environmental Engineering can conduct a water quality test to treat your tap water. There’s lots of confusion about lead levels in drinking water. Learn how to stay safe and have your […]

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, we can help with testing for some of the top heavy metal contaminants that may be concerning you. These substances may be lurking in your soil or water. Having your environment professionally inspected can help you understand your risk or put your mind at ease. Common Heavy Metal […]

Whether you’re on a well system or city tap, news stories of contamination may have you wondering about what’s in your drinking water. Trade those worries for action and let’s find out the state of your water together. At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we want to make sure your San Jose, CA water quality is safe […]

Are you still using “red list” building materials? Many people are unaware of the possible harmful nature of certain building materials and their environmental impact. At Benchmark Environmental Engineering of San Jose, CA, we can help you test for and avoid these components. Building Materials On The Red List Many common chemicals and components are […]

If you are a landlord or property manager in the San Jose area, at Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we want you to be aware of the safety hazards of lead-based paint to your tenants. Lead paint can lead to serious health risks, and tenants have rights regarding lead paint. Dangers Of Lead Exposure Lead paint exposure […]

Trust the experts at Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, California to show you the proper way to dispose of hazardous materials. These substances can potentially harm people and the environment because they are toxic, corrosive, flammable, or reactive under certain conditions. They’re more common than you think; many household and office items contain hazardous […]

If you’re wondering if OSHA can really shut down a business, the professionals at Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, CA can help you get answers. Our environmental testing can help keep your workplace up to standard and reveal potential hazards before they get out of control. If you’re an employer who’s worried about the […]

Whether you have read about polychlorinated biphenyls in the news or are working with older properties and need more information about the benefits of testing, at Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we are your San Jose source for information on PCBs in building materials. Shed some light on any concerns you may have about exposure to PCBs. […]

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering in San Jose, we can restore your peace of mind by helping you with identifying hazardous materials after a natural disaster. When floods, fires, and earthquakes hit, a lot of damage can occur to our properties and neighborhoods. The first thing we want to do is clean up and get back […]

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering serving San Jose, Los Angeles, and all of California, we’re here to help you identify many of the common indoor air pollutants you could be at risk of exposure to. The air you breathe every day is filled with tiny particles and contaminants that are invisible to the human eye. Some […]

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we serve San Jose, San Francisco, and throughout the Bay Area testing for hazardous materials including different types of toxic substances in building materials. Our priority is always your safety. Unfortunately, sometimes the places you spend the most time (at home, school or the office) can be hazardous to your health. […]

At Benchmark Environmental Engineering, we can help you in San Jose and the Bay Area with your concerns over mold. That musty smell in the carpet might be from more than just age. Recent storm damage can leave your family with more than just a little cleanup. The sniffles you only seem to get at work […]

Benchmark Environmental Engineering would like to remind property owners, commercial industries, property managers, and private homeowners about the importance of environmental testing after a natural disaster such as a flood, earthquake, fire, or mudslide. Natural disasters can leave behind a dangerous mess to clean up and we’re here to help you determine if there are […]

Simply stated, environmental due diligence is the commitment of an owner to pay attention and care of what is legally expected and required. As an owner/operator, you have heard over and over again about environmental issues such as Injury & Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP), asbestos sampling and lead disclosure, but may still hold the perception […]

It seems as though every time you turn around, your rental property falls under a new environmental regulation. Cal/OSHA, EPA, DHS: It’s enough to confuse ever the most experienced property manager. Which employees are required to have training, How much, and how often. This article will try to simplify and define what is required by […]

Very few laws and regulations have been specifically designed to address the sick building aspects of indoor air quality, as opposed to bans on smoking in public places. While federal legislative and regulatory initiatives have been proposed, there is little substantive law. In this vacuum, an increasing number of civil lawsuits have been filed by […]

There are over 3,000 products that contain asbestos to include construction related products. Homes and buildings built prior to 1980 should be presumed to contain asbestos unless otherwise tested. Asbestos is the name of a group of naturally occurring minerals that separate into strong, very fine fibers. Serpentine rock (California’s State Rock) has Chrysotile veins […]

Basic Recommendations It is the recommendation of all written guidelines to discard clothing that shows a sign of visible mold growth. If clothing does not appear to have mold growth, both the EPA guidelines and the New York Guidelines state that “porous material (e.g. fabrics, clothing, etc) can be cleaned and be reused…All materials to […]

Media coverage, steadily increasing litigation and the documented direct link to health issues has caused mold to threaten owners of rental properties throughout the State and Nation. From New York to Los Angeles, the media has been releasing a scare on mold that mimics that of asbestos back in the early 80’s. The problem with […]

Introduction Molds belong to a larger biological classification called Fungi which represents a large percentage of the world’s biomass. We have lived in and among molds since the beginning of time. In fact, without molds our very existence would be in question. Molds are routinely used in the production of many foods and beverages. Molds […]