Environmental Testing For New Home Buyers

Benchmark Environmental provides environmental testing for new home buyers moving to or investing in San Jose, California. A large portion of homes on the market are aging, built with materials that are now considered hazardous. Even newer homes can deteriorate rapidly due to weather and forces of nature. These realities cause more and more real estate experts to recommend environmental home testing for the majority of home buyers.

Our Professionals Uncover Hidden Problems

Most home inspectors aren’t qualified to test for potentially harmful substances. Hiring a specialized environmental inspection company can help you identify problems with your potential property before they spiral out of control into an expensive mess.

What Is An Environmental Inspection?

Environmental inspections look beyond what the eye can see to detect invisible threats in your home. Our inspectors follow strict assessment procedures developed by the EPA to collect samples, and we work with accredited laboratories to analyze them.

Once the analysis is complete, we can explain the results and give expert recommendations on what to do next. Our team also works with commercial, government, and military clients, so you can be sure that you’re getting top of the line evaluation and service.

Tests We Offer

We offer the testing services that real estate agents commonly recommend for home buyers. You probably want to check for hidden mold or allergens that could negatively impact your family’s health.

Perhaps the house you’re looking at is on well water, and you’re concerned about contamination and toxins at the source. You might have heard about the dangers of radon and VOC’s and want some peace of mind before closing.

More Home Inspection Tips

As you near the end of the home buying process, there are a couple of things you can do in the inspection stage that will help you avoid future problems. First, interview the home inspector before your appointment.

Each one comes with their range of knowledge and areas of expertise. Use this information to look for other inspectors to fill in the gaps, like an environmental inspector.

Second, do some research on your home — its age and what building materials were popular at the time — to determine the specific issues your house is at risk for. Your home inspector may be able to point out other areas of potential danger, like copper plumbing or outdated roofing material, that an environmental inspector can examine more closely.

Request Your Quote Today

Find out more about our environmental testing services before investing in your new home purchase. Contact us at Benchmark Environmental today to schedule an inspection that could save you time and money in information discovered after the fact. We look forward to helping you with services and information as you look to invest in your next home.

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